Due to various sizes and weights of projectors shipping is not included in the prices below.
Please email me for the shipping costs.


All projectors have  a   

All Projectors have been Rebuilt / Refurbished unless stated otherwise 

All 16mm Bell and Howell Projectors have been refurbished with a new worm gear


Projector Parts: Click HERE for MISC Parts page or contact me via email.
If you cannot find the part you are looking for please contact me. I have many part machines that may hold the part you need.


Overhead Projector

Rebuilt with new lamp

3 Available




Bell & Howell Lumina II


Model MX33



Bell & Howell

8mm Rebuilt



Kodak Pageant 12E6  #AC6820






Bell & Howell 535 #185804





Kodak Model 310 Brownie 8mm




Revere 85 8mm
Serial # B 27075
Has removable power cord





Dukane Micromatic II
Film Strip Projector with case
Has built in speaker


$30.00 (Tape deck has a slow rewind)





Bell & Howell 202
16mm Magnetic Sound Projector





Bell & Howell 253 AX #10416 8mm
From the 1950's


Bell & Howell 253 AX #79837 8mm




I have many other parts machines available (Too many to list)
8mm & 16mm - Please contact me for your needs




90 Day Warranty on Projectors